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I have written six novels to date (click on their names for details):

The Flower in the Desert

The Girl with a Deer on a Lead

For My Child

Aurora Arising

My Death and Other Dreams of Life

The Movement of the Ocean

Two more novels – The Icebird and The Land that Heals – are soon to be uploaded. All of these books can be ordered via or via Amazon (UK), Amazon (USA), or whatever your country’s Amazon happens to be. Note that The Flower in the Desert is available in English, French, German and Italian

‘Creating Tomorrow: Planning, Developing and Sustaining Change in Education and Other Public Services’

Creating TomorrowUK schools and other public service organisations are being encouraged to think seriously about modernisation,cultural change and remodelling their workforce. In this practical and insightful book, Dame Pat Collarbone shows organisations how to achieve this and provides strategies for making change sustainable for the future.