Successful communications – whether written or voice – don’t happen by chance, they grow out of experience, expertise and hard work.

I work in close partnership with my clients, taking time to listen deeply to what they require. My aim is to ensure my written and voiceover projects are as engaging and effective as possible. The right tone is vital.

Since establishing WriteVoice in 2003 I have worked on a great variety of projects, including:

  • Hosting podcasts + a weekly Storm FM radio show
  • Voicing radio jingles and other commercial projects
  • Narrating books
  • Narrating Sufi poetry
  • Writing and often voicing audio and video scripts
  • Editing/writing newspaper and magazine articles, guides, packs and newsletters, speeches and case studies
  • Writing eight mind, body, spirit novels as well as a book on change management
  • Creating ‘The Mind’ (I was lead writer on this award winning online government interactive training tool for headteachers)

quotationI have written for many newspapers, magazines, online media outlets, consultancies, government departments, PR and marketing companies.

This includes reviewing music festivals, creating publicity materials, writing health and wellbeing articles, and developing and supporting major change management projects and government initiatives.

I also work as a Journey Practitioner, helping people to recover from trauma.

See www.neildelstrother.co.uk