Experience (inc voiceover samples)

Neil del Strother: Author, Journalist and Voiceover Artist


Voiceover I’m a voiceover artist with both commercial and narrative experience. My commercial voice reel and an example of my narrative work are available below.

My voice work experience also includes:

  • Narration of Sufi Poetry for ‘Fair Child of Beauty’ organisation: example recording 1 + example recording 2
  • Co-host of radio show ‘Short and Curlies’: every Saturday morning on Storm FM, serving Sussex and beyond. We have 20,000+ regular listeners. As well as general chat I run ‘Neil’s Alternative Diary’. In this link, for example, we discuss Acting, the Meisner Technique, and the Stonehenge Summer Solstice h (NB. I start speaking around 16 minutes in)
  • Co-host of podcast ‘Merlin’s Diary, interviewing luminaries from the Mind, Body, Spirit world, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Marianne Williamson, Satish Kumar, Judy Piatkus, Mooji, Brandon Bays, Byron Katie, Gabrielle Roth etc. Visit:
  • My new podcast project CHAT F.A.B. will feature very soon on Spotify
  • Narrating my book ‘The Flower in the Desert’ for Audible
  • Acting: I attend a regular actors’ workshop where we read plays and practise vocal delivery. I’ve also taken part in improvisation work and comedy sketches and attend an ongoing Meisner course 

Writing/Journalism: Over the past twenty-five years I have written and edited eight mind, body, spirit novels and a great many articles, guides, packs, newsletters, speeches, case studies, video scripts, and so on.

I currently review festivals including Womad, Love Supreme, Into the Wild, Black Deer, etc. I also write about mind, body, spirit activities. Past areas of journalistic expertise include major change management projects and government initiatives in education and services that support children and young people. I also contributed significantly to a book on change management and I was lead writer on ‘The Mind’,  an award winning online interactive training tool for headteachers.

Commercial reel:

Narration, chapter one of The Flower in the Desert